The 10 Best Garden Tools to Have

There are so many options out there for gardening. If you get caught up in all the variety of garden tools, you will find yourself buying items you may never need for your garden. So, don’t waste time and money focusing on trending tools when all you need are the basic tools that will always produce the results you are looking for. Hopefully, the list below will give you some guidelines on the type of tools that are ideal for garden work.

  1. Gloves

People really enjoy gardening, but handling splinters and thorns is no fun. Every gardener needs a good pair of gloves to prevent injuries from splinters and thorns.  They don’t have to be extra bulky—just sturdy enough to withstand handling things with thorns (like roses). To maintain the durability of your gloves, do not store them near insects or have them placed in water or direct sunlight.

  1. Linseed Oil

Your tools can rust if left out in the rain and other wet conditions. To prevent early replacement of your garden tools, it’s recommended to rub them with oil (like linseed oil) after each use to keep them from building up rust. Just pour some linseed oil on a piece of cloth and wipe your tools after they have been used.  

  1. Oscillating Hoe

This hoe operates using a swivel movement to allow you to work from one spot since the tool cuts in all directions.

  1. Classic Garden Hoe

Instead of using a spade or a shovel, try using the classic garden hoe for agitating the soil to break new ground.  This tool is a great addition to your collection because it makes turning the soil less straining on the back.

  1. Border Spade

Sometimes called the “ladies spade,” this tool is the perfect tool for digging in small gardens. If you have back problems, gardening will become a lot easier with this tool.

  1. Garden Knife

Need to cut some string, trim some flowers or cut some small sticks? A garden knife is an ideal tool for handling this job.  You can also use your gardening knife to trim your fruit and vegetable plants, and you can use it to assist in craft making projects for your garden.

  1. Garden Secateurs

The upkeep of your garden will require some pruning, which is why you should keep secateurs on hand. Most secateurs will last a very long time with the proper care.

  1. Hand Trowel

This tool is awesome for digging up and removing weeds in nooks and corners. Try to invest in one made of stainless steel or one that at least has a stainless-steel head.

  1. Hand Fork

This tool is probably used more than any other gardening tool around (other than gloves). You can use a hand fork to plant, divide plants and weed.

  1. Wheelbarrow

A wheelbarrow is a valuable tool for hauling material like compost and dirt—especially if you have several pounds of it to haul, and your garden is very large.

The key to getting your money’s worth from your garden tools is upkeep. They will often last for several years if you maintain them by brushing the dirt off them and oiling them after each use.

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