Summer House Inspiration Guide

You may be stuck in a dilemma – do you get a shed, or do you go for a summer house? What even are the differences between the two? Does one serve a greater purpose than the other?

You have to think, what do you want this outdoor building to give to you? Storage space – or a relaxing retreat? Do you want something for your tools or something for you?

Creating a magical outdoor area in your garden is an amazing journey to endeavour upon and it can transform how you spend your time in the garden. Whether you want your summer house to be a hub for coming up with new inventions, an area to paint your heart away or just a place to get away from the busyness of everyday life, here are some great tips on how to achieve a relaxing summer house.

Positioning your summer house in the right place  

It’s a great idea to position your outdoor retreat at the back of your garden in a secluded area, for example, next to some large trees. Helping to create a peaceful environment away from the world. If you position it at the front of your garden, it may feel too close to your home and not enough like a retreat. If it’s in the middle of your garden it may break up the available space in your garden and make it look smaller.

Summer House

Allow space for a dining area

Purchasing a comfortable, sustainable outdoor dining set is a great investment (view the best furniture sets to purchase here) – you can enjoy lovely meals outdoors or use it to socialise. But, what happens when the weather changes? Often it means you pack away or cover up the furniture, and garden dinners are no more.

However, if you allow room for a dining area in your summer house then when the time comes to pack away the furniture, you can instead move it into your summer house and enjoy some meals in there if you have the adequate space.

Decorate with summer accessories

To really create the feel of a summer house, use decorative garden accessories and prints. This will help to bring the outdoors in and create a natural environment allowing it to feel like a relaxing retreat, separate from your home.

Summer House

Go for green  

If a relaxing space is your aim – go for green. Green creates a calming effect, allowing your mind and body to switch off and relax. The calming surroundings will allow your mind to think freely. Great if you want to use this space for some creative thought.

Hopefully, you can take away some inspiration from this and start building your perfect outdoor summer house.

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