How to choose the right garden sculptures

Garden sculptures come in a variety of materials and sizes and it can be hard to pick which is best. But there are some materials that are definitely best suited to your garden and your local weather than others. Depending on how you want your garden to look and feel, the type of garden sculpture you purchase will differ.

Here is a break down of some of the materials you can find garden sculptures made from:

Metal Garden sculptures 

Metal garden statues are great aesthetically and are also very durable, however, do often lean to the pricier side. Depending on how you look at it, a metal garden statue can have its disadvantages. For example, they can encounter a patina over time which can turn them green (think of the Statue of Liberty) or other rustic shades.

Resin Garden Sculptures

Resin is a hard plastic material and can be created into any shape with great detail. Therefore, resin statues can be intricately beautiful with sculptures ranging from animals to Disney characters. Resin is very durable which makes it a likeable option for a garden sculpture.

Don’t place your resin statue on a material that is likely to seep up through the sculpture such as on tarmac – which can melt in the heat.

Stone Garden Sculptures

Stone statutes have been favoured by gardeners because they are solid and can last a long time. However, weather conditions can leave the stone statue looking ancient, so this is not the best material to purchase if your garden often encounters extreme weather conditions.

Timber Garden Sculptures 

Timber sculptures can be beautiful when first built, the different shades of the natural wood can fit well in your garden. Although, timber is not the most durable material and can rot in wet weather, leaving an unfortunate site. Nevertheless, if you rarely get wet weather, or if your statue is in a sheltered place, then timber can be a great option because of the natural beauty it adds to your garden.

Choosing the perfect size Garden Sculpture

It can be hard to visualise the garden sculpture in your garden to work out what size will look best. One great tip is to use different sized cardboard boxes and put them in the space you want to place the sculpture in. This will allow you to see two things:

  1. Whether a sculpture will work well in this area
  2. Which size range you should opt for

If you are looking for a centrepiece, or focal point in your garden opting for a larger statue is better. To enhance your garden with an accent, smaller is better. The key is to choose a statue that doesn’t overtake your garden but looks like a great feature piece.

Garden Sculptures

Overall, we can see that all the different types of garden sculpture materials have their benefits.  However, depending on where you intend to place the statue and the weather conditions you expect your statue to face should all be factored in when you come to making your purchasing decision. This information should help you gauge which material and size will be most suited to your garden.

Have fun and enjoy choosing the perfect garden sculptures for your outdoor space.

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