A Guide to Purchasing the Right Wheelbarrow

If you have a reasonable size garden, you will need to invest in a wheelbarrow.  You can’t test drive your wheelbarrow at the hardware store or if it’s online. So, you may want to pay close attention to the product description to see if the wheelbarrow offers what you need.

You also need to take into consideration what happens to your wheelbarrow when you are not using it. Is there a storage shed that can accommodate it? Will you have to keep it in the yard since your garden area is not that large? The following information will give you insights on what type of wheelbarrow is right for your gardening needs.

Your Wheelbarrow’s Appearance

The appearance of your wheelbarrow may be the determining factor about the colour of the body.  You don’t want your wheelbarrow to stick out like a sore thumb in your garden. So, strive to buy one that blends well with the landscape of your yard and has a weather-resistant structure like the galvanized steel frame models. You could also opt for the PVC body that is just as good at deflecting harmful UV rays.

Body Type

Large Body: If you have a lot of material to haul often, you may want to get a wheelbarrow with a large body.  If you carry a lot of leaves and grass, you might opt for the standard sized wheelbarrow that can accommodate an attached bag.  

Galvanized Metal Body: As stated earlier, the galvanized metal body is ideal for deflecting harmful UV rays. It is also made of a sturdy body which makes it good for transporting manure, compost, dirt, grass and other materials.  Keep in mind that galvanized barrows tend to be a bit loud when compared to other types. Refrain from getting the brands with painted metal because they are easily prone to rust and wear.

PVC Body: For a quieter and lightweight wheelbarrow, try the PVC body type. They are somewhat durable because they are prone to cracking if hard objects hit the surface.

Flat Pack Barrows

Flat pack barrows are typically sold in online stores. These wheelbarrows require some assembly and should be put together with the correct tools. If you are not handy with tools, then you need to buy one that is already put together.

Wheelbarrow Tires

Narrow wheels tend to be a bit difficult to manoeuvre even on soft terrain. So, gardeners often choose a wheelbarrow with pneumatic tires because it can handle travelling over a variety of terrain with relative ease.  However, pneumatic tires can be a big nuisance and costly (almost as much as a car tire) when they get holes in them. If you want to go with another style for your tires that has similar terrain performance, try the flat proof tires—especially the fatter ones.

A Final Word on Wheelbarrows

Your wheelbarrow can end up being one of the most valuable gardening tools you can have in your toolshed.  It’s the one tool that does not have to be replaced that often. As such, it’s worth your while to get one that you know is of good quality material. Hopefully, this information will help make you a more informed investor when it comes to selecting the ideal wheelbarrow.

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