Buying the right garden table and chairs

When choosing your garden table and chairs, you must consider what type of furniture works for both your taste and the space you have on your patio. You can’t just buy it because it looks good or was cheap. You need to consider the quality of the furniture to determine if you are getting your money’s worth.  So, when it comes to patio furniture, you can’t just judge the book by its cover. The following information provides helpful guidelines on what to look for when purchasing the right garden furniture.

First, determine the amount of space you have for outdoor furniture.

Your choice of furniture should always coincide with the amount of free space you have.  For example, if you need to store your furniture during inclement weather, you want to make sure you have storage space to accommodate the size of the furniture you pick.

Make sure you buy furniture that’s worth your money.

Examine each piece of furniture you desire to put in your yard. Avoid furniture with bumpy surfaces and joints that are glued or stapled together.  Metallic furniture should have a powder-coated finish and no signs of cracked welding spots.

Here are some other pointers to consider when checking the quality of your furniture for outdoors:

  • For Metallic Furniture: Iron is hard to upkeep. Steel and aluminium are much better, but aluminium is the best when it comes to maintenance. Also, you can find both modern and traditional garden furniture styles made of aluminium.  As already stated, metallic furniture should have a powder-coated finish on it to protect from rusting.
  • For Wooden Furniture: Wooden furniture has a nice look but doesn’t fare very well in the elements. Therefore, wooden furniture will need a lot of upkeep if you plan on it lasting long. Therefore, it’s best to go with a hardwood that is very dense (and highly resistant to moisture) like teak.
  • Plastic garden table and chairs: The advantage of plastic furniture is a no-brainer. It’s cheap, not hard to maintain, and it’s easy to move around. You also don’t have to worry about chipping paint, rot or rust when it comes to plastic furniture. Unfortunately, the colour starts to fade fast unless you get the type that has UV-stabilizing pigments.
  • For Cloth Furniture: Opt for UV-protected polyester instead of cotton
  • For Rattan/Wicker Furniture: Get the synthetic version instead of the real thing when it comes to outdoor furniture. The strands are often woven onto aluminium frames, and you can get these in a variety of colours. It’s like having an upgraded version of plastic furniture.

Add cushions to make your furniture more comfortable.

You need to make sure your furniture has seats that allow you to reach the table at a comfortable height. If not, then an outdoor seat cushion could work wonders for making your seat comfortable for table use.  When deciding on which type of outdoor furniture to get, think about the size of each chair’s seat. Make sure the cloth of your cushion is resistant to moisture, stains, mildew and UV rays.

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